Quantum Mechanix – Alien – Xenomorph Zippermouth Plush

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Quantum Mechanix – Alien – Xenomorph Zippermouth Plush

Quantum Mechanix – Alien – Xenomorph Zippermouth Plush

In Space, No One Can Hear You “Squee!”


Have you ever wanted to snuggle up with the most terrifying creature in the universe? Probably not. However, if you’ve wisely refrained from hugging a Xenomorph, our new Xenomorph plush, part of QMx’s innovative new line of Zippermouth brand plushes, is here to change all that.

Charming and Edgy Plush Monsters

Inspired by the titular monster from Ridley Scott’s Alien film franchise, the Xenomorph Zippermouth is the first in our new series of adorable, slightly naughty, chibi-styled plush monsters. Charming, edgy, and packed with personality, Zippermouth plushes are soft, cute, and full of details that satisfy even the most demanding adult collector.

Individually-Stuffed Claws and Embroidered Detailing

The Xenomorph Zippermouth features individually-stuffed claws, all detailing is embroidered (Zippermouth never use print detailing), decorative top-stitching, and custom-dyed fabric that’s super soft to the touch. And, of course, all Zippermouth feature their trademark zippered smile. Just unzip to reveal the Xenomorph’s iconic inner jaw, complete with its own plush.

Interactive and Playful Collectible Plush

Zippermouth plushes are certain to inspire joy with interactivity and active play like no other collectible plush. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, so snuggle up with the Xenomorph Zippermouth.

Product Details

  • Height: 9.5″
  • Ages 14+
  • Country of origin: China


Even the perfect killing machine needs a hug. Quantum Mechanix’s Xenomorph Zippermouth plush allows you to snuggle up with the terrifying creature from the Alien franchise. With its charming and edgy design, this plush is perfect for adult collectors who want something unique and playful. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a happy childhood with the Xenomorph Zippermouth plush.