WIDGETCO 3/8″ White Hole Plugs

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WIDGETCO 3/8″ White Hole Plugs

WIDGETCO 3/8″ White Hole Plugs

Are you tired of looking at unsightly holes in your furniture, cabinets, or woodworking projects? Look no further than WIDGETCO’s 3/8″ White Hole Plugs. These versatile and functional plugs are the perfect solution for covering up those pesky holes and giving your projects a clean, finished look.

Main Features

Our 3/8″ White Hole Plugs are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a seamless fit. The white color blends in seamlessly with most furniture and cabinet finishes, making them virtually invisible once installed. These hole plugs are easy to install, simply press them into the hole for a snug and secure fit.

Key Benefits

  • Conceals unsightly holes
  • Durable and seamless fit
  • Easy to install
  • Blends in with most finishes

Common Questions

Q: What material are the hole plugs made of?

A: The hole plugs are made of high-quality plastic.

Q: Can these plugs be painted to match a specific color?

A: Yes, these plugs can be painted to match the desired color.


With WIDGETCO’s 3/8″ White Hole Plugs, you can say goodbye to unsightly holes and hello to a clean, finished look. These hole plugs are a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast or DIYer looking to add a professional touch to their projects.